You’ll Never Get All You Want!


Unfortunately, in this life we live, we will never entirely fully be satisfied with material goods that we possess. We will never show complete appreciation towards the people in our lives. We will always Want. Whether its food, material goods, relationships, education… Yet will always hold back. We won’t ever truly live. We exist.  If we always got what our hearts desired right away, we would live boring lives. There would be no blood sweat and tears. Appreciation would expire, and greed becomes society’s parasite. 


I tend carry a lot of fear and anxiety into relationships because I worry that one day they will cease to exist. I worry about my role(s) in the other person(s) lives. I question. And I want, and those wants are not needs. And sometimes, just sometimes I get what I want. Then I want more, then it becomes unnecessary. I am unhappy again.

Material Goods:

I used to think the accumulation of material goods was significant. But truthfully, we all want these material possessions not just for ourselves, but to receive the satisfaction of society’s biased approval. Once we receive it, we are distressed once again. We want more.

The List goes on……


“There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.”― G.K. Chesterton


“I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I fall in.
I am lost… I am helpless.
It isn’t my fault.
It takes forever to find a way out.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don’t see it.
I fall in again.
I can’t believe I am in the same place.
But, it isn’t my fault.
It still takes me a long time to get out.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in. It’s a habit.
My eyes are open.
I know where I am.
It is my fault. I get out immediately.

walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.

I walk down another street.”

-Portia Nelson

In the journey of self discovery, never forget who you are, where you are and where you see yourself:

Never lose sight of your goals.

Acknowledge your achievements.

Stay positive.

Don’t blame others for mistakes you’ve made.

And finally, remember that your mind is a terrible thing to waste. Once its gone,  so are you…though the hole in the sidewalk.



There’s a whole in my Sidewalk!

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Whose Approval are We Seeking?

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Galatians 1:10

New International Version (NIV)

10 “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people?If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.

Society is plagued with one particular pathogen-insecurity. Insecurity challenges our defense systems. It multiplies within each individual, thriving off of our doubts and fears.  Since this pathogen has been plaguing humans since the beginning of time and hasn’t been cleaned from our systems, it forever sucks the joy out of our lives and is the cause of our despair, covetousness, and approval dependence.

This is why the bible scripture above states that we are not to seek approval of the people around us, but be in the pursuit of approval from our God above. You see,  we only become insecure because we are uncertain about our own worth.  It’s time we stop thinking as those of the World,  but think like out God above. Once we see ourselves through his eyes, then our insecurities will dissipate.

After all, we were not placed on this Earth to worry about anything. We were put here to give Glory to or Father through our actions, sacrifice, praise and service.  Once we are committed to him, all we seek is his approval.


Womb Perfect



I am at peace inside.

Oh, temporarily true.

No, not never so.

Oh, Thirsty one, come out!

I need not a liquid.

But you are due quick!

Ah, but I am quite slow.

Your life begins soon!

But, I am yet alive,

So, no not never so.

Oh, Shy one come out!

Don’t you see the pain I cause?

Yes, indeed this pain isn’t unfamiliar.

I know not your wisdom.

Ah, yes you are naught but a suckling.

No, not forever so.

Oh, innocent one show yourself!

You must know my face shines brightest.

Then, make yourself known;

The water empties quickly!

Then yes, I must go.

I wrote this poem when  my mother was pregnant with my lil brother. Oh, the memories…