Manly Ballet… 5 misconceptions about male ballet dancers


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A Ballet Education

Male ballet dancers get the worst reputation… And there is a reason why…

Honestly, it comes down to tights and a dance belt and for some reason that equates to effeminate, which equates to gay. But, if you look at the spectrum of dance, ballet is probably the most manly when it comes to repertory, with the exception of Dresden SemperOpera’s version of bluebird… That one is just… well… flashy… (click here to watch the youtube video)

The roles for men in classical ballet are the following: prince, cavalier, slave, pirate, prince, cavalier, lover, prince… you get the gist. Because of these roles, the vocabulary is limited, say compared to a jazz dancer. Now, because the way the music was written, and male variations are these extremely heavy, weighted variations, the steps a male ballet dancer usually performs are… well limiting. While women are known for their pointe shoes and flexibility, male…

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Destructive Children


Why are children so destructive? Like seriously.

They destroy your ear drums while calling you,
your clothes,
your peaceful nights,
your shopping trips,
your homework that’s due the next day,  your room (and theirs),
your shoe heels(walking wrongly in them)…. The list goes on!!

But most of all they can ruin your initial desire for children in the first place. They are#BirthControl

So I say thank you, young ones! You exist as a warning to us young adult folks!!


A sci-fi film with its eyes on reality: Watch the deleted scene from “I Origins” that features a TEDx Talk


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Molecular biologist Ian (aka Michael Pitt) stares at a billboard of a pair of green eyes in Mike Cahill's film "I Origins." Photo: Fox Searchlight Molecular biologist Ian (played by Michael Pitt) stares at a billboard of a pair of green eyes in Mike Cahill’s “I Origins.” The film explores iris recognition technology, and a TEDx talk helped Cahill do research. Photo: Fox Searchlight

Mike Cahill’s new film I Origins is technically science fiction. But the technology in it is firmly rooted in reality.

A mind-twister of the highest order, I Origins tells the story of a molecular biologist, Ian (played by Michael Pitt), who studies the iris of the eye, a part that is unique for every individual. His lab partner makes a startling discovery—that a young girl in India has the exact same iris pattern as someone Ian loved deeply. It’s a statistical impossibility that leads him to wonder: Could this be reincarnation?

Cahill got the first tingle of the idea for this film after hearing the story of National Geographic’s “Afghan…

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Restorative: A Strength in Problem Solving


Peer Into Your Career

By: Cody [Achiever|Adaptability|Futuristic|Includer|Restorative]

You have just taken the StrengthsQuest and found out one of your strengths is Restorative. If you are like me, you may be thinking “What the heck is that?” “Is restorative even a real word?” “Am I supposed to be good at restoring things, like antiques?” First off, to be clear, it is not a made up word (you can look it up in the dictionary) and you are close when thinking you are good at restoring things, you just need to think about it in a broader sense.

Restorative means enjoying the challenge of analyzing problems, identifying what is wrong and then finding a solution to the problem. You enjoy discovering problems and feel a great sense of accomplishment once you solve those problems. The types of problems you prefer to solve, whether they are practical, personal, or conceptual, can depend on your other…

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Am I Too Young To Be So Bitter?


Am I Thirty Yet

the internship owen wilson

A few weeks ago I went to my friend’s graduation. I’m one of those people who tends to cry at everything. I can’t even watch 95% of the commercials they air these days without a box of tissues on hand. So I warned my friend that I’m probably going to tear up at some point during the ceremony. Graduations can be an emotional thing and I just knew one of those speeches was going to get to me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sadness was the last thing on my mind. If I was going to tear up, it would have been from laughing so hard. I laughed at most of the speeches. It was either I laugh or scream with rage. Anger. That’s the emotion I felt the most during the graduation ceremony.

I graduated from college over four years ago. I owe a ton of money from student loans…

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Another Ten List: Top Ten Worship Artists


J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Contemporary praise has changed like crazy in the last decade. Simple G-chord progressions with easy-to-sing vocals have been updated with blazing guitar riffs and loud anthem chants. Every new praise song is in a higher key than it should be. There’s a lot less about Jesus’ work on the cross and more about our response to Him. Some of these changes have been great, some not so much. But overall I love the direction that praise is going: more physical, energetic, open to joy, and more in tune with our brokenness. The following is a list of worship artists that continue to shape the church with strong lyrics, great music, and no compromise.

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The Ant Trail



I followed a trail of ants today,

down a tree trunk.

They waved and

cheered-saved my day

I guess I’d found some luck.

No longer will I wake up in tears,

for I have found real friends.

The ones that that travel far and near,

on just a few short legs.

Oh, look!

One found my arm,

and wants to tag along.

It followed me on the school bus,

but I accidentally flicked him off.

He’s offended, hurt–I’m certain!

I must have broken the pact:

Never neglect new friends,

for they might not come back!

I wonder whether he’ll find his allies,

the ones I met today.

I hope he doesn’t tell

them that I flicked him far away!